Financial freedom is the driving force. Bitarena is just a technical platform/avenue designed to aid millions of people all over the world help each other freely. We are a group of well experienced financial experts and analysts that came together for financial freedom of many around the world.

How It Works

Bitarena rewards you 50% profit between 1-10 days.

Every hour a list of qualified participants for payout is released by the system and what you simply need to do is pick the amount that suits you ( in Bitcoin) and make payment to the participant(s) then upload your proof of payment.

You can supply the system with the transaction hash and get confirmed automatically(if your transaction has at least 3 confirmations) or upload your proof of payment and call the participant to confirm you.

Once your payment is confirmed, your now eligible to receive with 50% profit between 1 - 10 days.

Note: You have 24hrs to make payment, if not the system blocks you and automatically rematch another participant to the recipient.